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Application Development

“Your revolutionary idea will get executed here”

  • We discuss the project and understand business needs.
  • Our professional developers follow software development cycle that enables more control and visibility into the workflow.
  • As soon as we finish we development work, deployment begins. We deploy the application developed either to a production or to test an environment.
  • Last, a great team of quality analyst for testing processes and ensure delivery of the best quality application.
Technology Consulting

“If you don’t have any technology preferences then the technical team will help you.”

  • For turning tech into a competitive advantage, you need technology consulting partner with solutions and domain expertise.
  • We are decision facilitators for IT investments. Calls us as experts in complex technologies, tools, and processes.
  • Provide advice based on skills, knowledge, and results derived from practical usage.
  • Insights about the technology due to in-depth field experience and pitch target customers across a range of industries.

“We are the team of proud marketers that walk around the world to bring you the best.”

  • Digital Marketing: We pick best digital marketing tools that suit your needs.
    SEO: Optimize website content and campaigns to increase search engine ranking.
    SMM: We let customers be your brand ambassadors. Reach your customers via social media as they love watching you on pages.
  • Marketing Content Development: Showcasing your brand value and potential in words. Only if you know, content drives people and help them decide upon the best.
  • Email Marketing: More that 90% of the user access their emails every day that indicates emailers have maximum exposure to potential customers. We target them with the custom mailers for clicks and conversion.
Secondary Research

Lexcians are trained to filter most relevant information for the ever increasing ocean of data. Some of our offerings include:

  • SWOT: We evaluate strengths, businesses, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for the business of all sizes helping decision makers to make strategic changes.
    Gap Analysis– We provide you with the right structure to follow to identify the gap towards standards.
    Tear Down– We enable comparison by going through feature value analysis in order to improve product quality and value.
  • Company Profiles: We help in creating a well-written company profile that leaves a good impression on business prospects and provides opportunity to raise in the business world.
  • Point of View: Visualize the requirement from customer’s point of view, evaluate them meaningfully, and develop an action plan to accomplish your business needs.

We live in world of diverse industrial practices and that demand different kind of things. We are always ready to process custom requirements based on above services.

Program Management

How do you deal with the understanding gap between your requirements and development teams?

  • We focus on alignment of goals, risk, cost control and management efforts.
  • Establish tailored processes, optimizes templates and transfer knowledge back to the customer.
  • Develop recovery activities and near term roadmap to mitigate issues & rectify situations.
Student Assignment Assistance

A student in a third/fourth year or undergraduate can apply for undertaking their training/project as per their curriculum with us. Thus, we completely support students/fellows from academic institutions to complete their project training with us. We encourage the growth of students and impart them knowledge towards technology and marketing sector.