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Why Blog Posts are Killing the Press Releases

Press releases were once one of the prominent methods to create brand awareness. But as the internet world changed and social channels started ruling the world, the methods of creating a public buzz for the organization also changed. Press Releases were once the gatekeepers for the businesses, but, as the audience and the platform changed with time, the gatekeepers vanished.

Brands themselves today are their gatekeepers. Companies are now pulling in business prospects and a powerful customer base through its online presence. It is seen that business houses with a prominent online presence often have more reach than the publications they pitch. For instance, the founder and CEO of Basecamp have a whopping number of Twitter followers. This number is even greater than the number of followers of any publications.

The follower base started to develop as the organization started to blog. The company consistently maintained and updated their blogging also introducing it to the social platforms. Business houses today, both big and small very well understands the patterns followed by their audience. Therefore, the company targeted its audience making an active presence on social platforms. This shift was important as the audience today have limited their reach to only certain platforms.

Also, press releases have slowly gone out of the picture as blogs reached social platforms. Facebook today has reached a tremendous number of people. Customers today are actively reading blogs about their favorite brands to know what they have new. Apart from the big exposure blogs are providing, they are also working as SEO power boosters.

With effective content management system, the companies are adopting new marketing strategies to expose their brand to the market. When compared with press releases, blogs are dominating the marketing strategies having a significant impact on the huge customer base they are exposed to. Another limitation the press releases have is a definite format. Press releases often need to have titles and subtitles with a theme, blogs, on the other hand, can have various experimens.

Blogs are also open for change in the look and feel. You can add your voice as the business changes the path, introduces a new product or service or providing some offers. Also, apart from the press release, you can add elements such as GIF’s, images and videos to increase engagement. Another positive factor the blogs holds is, they are free. Press releases, on the other hand, sometimes needs you to make certain payments, sometimes in thousands for website publication.

Blogs have undoubtedly become a better community engagement factor as compared to a press release. Blogging is going to change the marketing scenarios shortly.

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