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7 Ways to Launch a White Paper with a Bang

7 Ways to Launch a White Paper with a Bang

Before you publish a white paper, you need to make sure the audience is ready and aware of it. You need a lot of marketing in this process. Publishing a white paper is somewhat like publishing a book. You need to create a buzz among the audience and make them line up to read it. Here are seven ways in which you can launch it with a bang.

Prepare a Distribution Plan

You need to have a plan before you launch it. You should not publish the whitepaper on a random day without a plan. Keep your white paper ready at least a week before. You also need to ensure that an expert proofreads it, make changes, and reviews it. This will save you from any last minute hassles.

Create a Landing Page

It is best that you publish a landing page to aware your readers about your white paper at least two weeks before the date you publish it. This landing page aims to provide contact details. The landing page should be short and persuasive. A landing page can collect email addresses of visitors and notify them when you publish your white paper.

Write Relevant Blog Posts to Promote Your Paper

Relevant and attention-grabbing blog posts is another way to attract your audience.  A series of blog posts aligning your topic can catch the attention of your audience. The blog post should always contain a link to your landing page that directs the reader to it. Also, you can add an element of the call to action asking them to register.

Write Guest Posts

Marking your presence on popular blogs is another fantastic way. You can directly come into the view of your customers. You can write these guest posts before you publish it. A guest post on the same day of publication is wise too. This will also need you to make a communication with your blog editors about your schedule ahead of time to ensure they can accommodate your launch schedule.

Get it Reviewed

Another great way to increase the visibility of these papers is to get it reviewed by an expert. A well-versed review written about your white paper by an expert can be a great contributor towards making your white paper credible.

Stay Open to Guest Posts

Guest posts written by experts that are relevant to your white paper can drive traffic to your white paper. Posts from other experts can pull in more people to your blogs and may have the interest to read your white paper.

Make it Reach Your Subscriber’s Inbox

It becomes really easy to launch it when you have a long list of email subscribers. You can notify your subscribers about your upcoming white paper and even about your landing page. You can send them an email on the day you publish your white paper and ask them to download it.

These ways mentioned above can help you increase reach for your white paper. Launch it with a bang and get hundreds of people read it as soon as it is published.

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