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5 Steps to Write Killer Explainer Video

5 Steps to Write Killer Explainer Video

Well, videos are a power generating and compelling to attract more people towards it. Explainer videos are one such segment that explains a topic through the medium of video. Isn’t that interesting? Of course, it is. Before you collect all the requirements for making a video, make sure that you video script is strong. Yes, until you have a pulling explainer script, you will not be able to reach your targeted success. So, make sure it is outstanding and not a piece to discard.

Here, are some tips that can help you with script writing:

Cover Your Message In Initial 30 Seconds

It can be a little tough. However, reducing your entire video message to a few lines will help you a lot. If you are wondering how it can help? The message, when shown in the initial seconds of video, will tell the audience that where they should lay their emphasis. It will also help them to understand the entire video through one line and keep up the excitement.

Try To Make The Shortest Script

The length of your script should be shortened because readers tend to find in the initial segment if they want the product or not. Therefore, it hardly makes sense to narrate lengthy scripts when the audience is not interested in your video. Even if the viewers are interested, the short script will clear your objectives and compel them to go ahead. Thus, the short script will work both the ways and save your time.

Humor is the Key to Maintain Interest

How boring would it be to keep throwing messages during the entire video? Always remember that your audience should connect while the story continues. However, be particular for when to use humor, as it can be distracting for potential customers and put them back. You can introduce humor through memes, funny icons, or short funny messages to keep up their interest. After all, everyone likes smiling and give them a reason for it.

Optimize Your Tone

Before you start to optimize and correct your tone, find out who are the customers. Imagine who the people you wish to target are and what will be their perspective toward this video. It will be easy to create a video if you know the habits and mannerism in general. For example, if you know that your potential customers are millennials then it will help you to direct your actions accordingly.

Directly Connect with Audience

Make frequent use of pronouns such as “you” or “your” during the entire video. Another way you can trigger your audience by showing you genuinely care about them. Do not waste time in showing them things they already know, instead show them something they are looking for. Put the right information at the right time so that they can take interest and ask them to take action. Make friends with your audience, and they will be likely to understand your concept as well as take an interest in your product.

The Bottom Line

In the end, you must ensure that you feel justifiable for the job done. Do not skimp on the script and take all the time needed to put things in the right place. You can also take feedback from people around as they can best tell you the scope of improvement. Be confident in the work done by you and do not forget to spread the video. If your video is engaging and easy to understand, you get all the points in the bucket.

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