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10 Ways to Make Your Brochure Effective

10 Ways to Make Your Brochure Effective

Creating a brochure is not an easy task as it seems. If you are planning to develop and share one among your business prospects, you need to take care of some things as this involves not only efforts but also expenses. A well-spent brochure may not serve that well for you if it does not convey the right message you wish to share or do not generate the anticipated business.

Know your customers

Before spending money, efforts and time to develop your brochures, it is important that you figure out what are things your customers are looking. Does your new product or service solves any problem they are facing? Probably the most efficient way to find out these answers is to directly communicate with your sales people and customers to gather better insights.

Avoid putting a picture of your building on the brochure

It is quite a fact that your clients don’t care what your building looks like or how big it is. They are only concerned about how your products or services are filling their requirement gaps. It is better not to waste the limited space on the brochure for the picture.

Plan Around AIDA

AIDA here stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. Your brochure must stand up to all these standards to be more efficient. The action here refers to the work the readers need to take such as return a call, make an appointment, purchase now, etc.

Use Graphics and Words Your Audience is looking for

An average reader may take less than 5 seconds to look at your brochure. To make them read the complete booklet, you need to use words or pictures that can hook them until they reach what you wish to offer.

Focus on the Deliverable

Business prospects do not thrive for how good the company is, or how well your business is doing. The only thing that matters to them is the services and products you have for them. It is, therefore, important to provide them solutions and services that they need. The brochure, therefore, should talk about how the product and service will change their lives.

Tell them what to do

Only mentioning about the product or service will not serve the purpose. You also need to tell your customers what they need to do. The brochure should certainly say what the next step is. You can provide contact details such as phone numbers, email address and website name where people can avail your service or make a purchase.

Give them a reason to act Immediately

All your efforts in grabbing attention, building interest will be wasted when you do not give your readers a reason to act quickly. In this case, if the readers will soon forget your story and will move on to what was grabbing their immediate attention.

Use Bullet Points to highlight your features

It would be best if you avoid using lengthy paragraphs to convey your message. Crisp bulleted points are the best way to communicate your business. Feature- rich bulleted points grab quick attention and effectively communicates with the audience.

Make it Easy to Act

Do not leave your customers hanging. The brochure should contain easy ways for your clients to make a deal. The brochure should always include your business name, website URL, location address and phone numbers. Facebook and Google+ Pages are available for people who wish to see your online presence.

A Money Back Guarantee

If you are new in the market and your customers are probably unaware of your products or services, you need to offer the money back guarantee. It is just to build trust among your business prospects before they spend money on your product.

The Bottom Line

Above elements can work as helping factors in designing an effective business brochure. Other than the points mentioned above, it also requires market research and customer needs to become a dominant entity in the market.

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