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10 Things Your Sales Toolkit Should Include

10 Things Your Sales Toolkit Should Include

The sales job is a very challenging job, not only for the beginners but also for the experienced people. Therefore it is important for every sales representative to create sales toolkit, especially the new sales representatives.

A sales toolkit is a collateral, design for the sales reps especially the new ones to grow up quickly and be on the same page with the entire team. It contains everything for the new sales representative to know before getting on the phone such as about the process of sales, the buyer personas, the metrics of sales, and the talk tracks.

A sales team should include the following things in their sales toolkit for a better outcome.

Sales Team Structure and Responsibilities

For any team to work smoothly, being transparent is key. Every new member of the team should know the team structure, responsibilities and how it works. In this way, the new sales reps can learn how to participate in the team to grow the faster.

Buyer Personas

We all know that not all people are same. However, we can bucket most of the people into various buyer personas. Once you establish buyer personas, you should teach the new representatives so that they can learn to differentiate one persona from the other. When the new reps are ready with the personas, they are set to hear the talk tracks of each persona.

Sales Process

The new sales rep need to know the ways to communicate with the prospects. The sales process can be either democratized sales metrics or standardized scripts.  The reps should make the data available for the whole team to identify the actionable insights.

CRM Guidelines

The new sales representatives of the team should understand and gain thorough knowledge about the CRM workflow. This experience will help them during their day navigation. The representatives have to use the CRM and enter the data on the same day so that the data doesn’t become muddied and the admins face no difficulties in it.

ROI Calculator

The prospects must be pitched based on the business value of the service or product, which becomes easier with the help of an ROI calculator. With the POI calculator, the prospects can see the type of return they might get.

Pricing Calculator

When the prospects are interested in your services or products, they would love to know how much money to shed. In such case, a pricing calculator will act as a boon. It will quickly help you all the expenses that the prospects might need to shed.

Blog Posts and eBooks

Most of the companies today focus on content where the content marketing teams create lots of blogs.  These blogs can help to move the prospect slower to the sales funnel. It is a good idea to note the best marketing collaterals. These guarantees help your new sales representatives to identify the assets needed to be shared with the prospects.

No Images. You need GIFS.

GIFS shows off your products and services far better than images. Images may suffice, but high-quality Gifs have the capability to attract more prospects, tempting them to learn more about the service or product. The sales representatives should be given access to all the gifs so that they can forward it to the prospects through email or any other means.

Competitive Comparison

There is a high chance that your competitors might meet the same prospects that you are contacting. In such cases, every representative should have a thorough information of the various advantages that your company offers when compared to the competitors. Some of the factors such as customer support, price, usability and much more. Knowing all these factors when compared to the competitors helps the representatives to win the prospects from the competitors.


When there a social proof of your product/ service the candidates are attracted quickly. The prospects believe more of people or companies that have tried your product/services. They are easily attracted to you when someone is praising or backing you up for your work. Therefore, feature the customer quotes on the website to make a good impression on your prospects. The best testimonial for prospects is a video of its clients. The videos connect more to the prospects when compared to the quotes.

The Bottom Line

All these tips might sound like a lot of hard work. But on the bright side, a sales toolkit containing the above factors will give good results, which is worth your time.  Many SMB’s avoid the idea of sales toolkit, assuming it to be a concept for the giants, which can be a loss for the company. Most of the information in the sales toolkit is known by the sales team, and it only needs to be written down.

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