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The Content Creation Cheat Sheet: Writing for the Web and Social Media

Content has become one of the greatest players on the internet today. To make your webpage rank high on the google search list, it is important that it is reader friendly. It is important to have relevant keywords into your website, to design it and optimize it to make business, but it is also important to focus on your readers.

Readers on the internet are impatient. If the content does not interests the readers, they will immediately leave your website. Also, if your web content fails to present your business to your readers, they will quickly unfollow your webpage or unlike your social media page.

To make your readers stay, engage with your business and help you to make money, here are some of the methods that can help you out.

Use Conversational Tone

Formal tones in blogs usually does not serves that purpose. You need to have conversational tone in your blogs. Write your content as if you are talking to someone. Do not try to impress your readers by using too complex words or language that is difficult to understand by the readers. The language should ofcouse showcase your business personality but also should be casual and should clearly project your business to the readers.

Communicate the Key Message

The content in the blog should provide a solution to the reader. The reader must find the content engaging, productive, and useful. It is not necessary always that all the content that you write must sell a product.

When you are communicating with your customer, your content should serve a purpose. When this purpose is addressed, it should necessarily follow a call-to-action for your business.

Inbound Links are Necessary

When your readers are interested in your business, they will search for areas that contain more in-depth information. It is therefore necessary to add inbound links to take them to information that is relevant, related and contains more details about your business.

Format the Content

Readers often do not spend a lot of time on a blog. In most of the cases, readers first scans the entire page and look for content that interests them the most. It is therefore best not to make your blog post merely a wall of text. A well-formatted content that has text divided into sections is the best way to go for. The content also should contain proper headings and subheadings to increase its readability.

A clear Call-To- Action

Towards the end, it is important that you include a clear call to cation. Your blog should contain links to subscribe to your blogs, share the blog on a social platform, register with the company, get in touch with the team member, or directly buy your product or service.

Also, you can include clear infographics such as images, GIF’s, or even short videos to grab an immediate attention. It is also important to understand your readers, what they are looking for and what are the gaps that you can fill to pull in more customers also retaining the older ones. All these areas can help improve the performance of your content on the internet.

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