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5 Pay Per Click Mistakes That Can Cost You Money

5 Pay-Per-Click Mistakes That Can Cost You Money

Pay Per Click (PPC) is an effective approach for driving a significant traffic to the websites of marketers. Business avail PPC as every time a person visits a website through their ad on the search engine result page, the company pays the selected search engine for each click. It implies that a business spends a valuable money on PPC advertising such as Google AdWords and Yahoo Search Marketing. In the case of enough response, the business running seems well. However, if a business fails to acquire the desired visitors and customers, money will be wasted on the PPC ads. Thus, it is required to manage the campaigns well to receive a higher return on investment. Briefly, avoid these Pay Per Click mistakes in your business:

Not Using the Right Keyword Matches

If you are not using the right set of keywords, you are making a major mistake by affecting your traffic or conversion rate. Broad match and exact match keyword techniques provide different outcomes. While broad match delivers ads containing keywords a user searched for, an exact match consists keywords that are displayed when a user type the precise keyword same as in the ad. Which approach is beneficial depends on the need of a business. Broad match increases high traffic but lacks in relevance. In contrast, exact match keyword ads target only the significant searches but lower the potential traffic. Using any one with sacrificing other properties can cost you unnecessary money. Thus, restrict your ad according to the need of the business at right time.

Sending Visitors To Your Home Page

The most common mistake is to navigate a user to the homepage of the website though its ad. Users will not accept it, as they only want that they need to discover. In simpler terms, provide them what they exactly seek. For instance, when an individual makes a search over ‘shoes’, and on click, he is expecting the purchase page or a page with the shoe information. Thus, stop sending your visitors to your website’s homepage and start presenting crisp and accurate information to them for establishing a good connection.

Not Using Negative Keywords

Start using negative keywords if you are not. Negative keywords are those keywords, which prevent the display of your ads for an excluded match. You have to search and add for a wide variety of matches for their fitting into negative keyword list. It may take considerable time but will save you money by controlling relevancy even in the broad match.

Not Performing Continuous Testing

Testing is a crucial part of your PPC campaigns, which can bring the desired results. Almost every PPC engines support split-test. You should perform split testing before running PPC ads. Test your ad’s text in various versions for the targeted PPC ad groups, so they can indicate the most favorable path for your campaign. Make sure the variations of ads display at random generating meaningful data.

Assuming Position 1 is the Most Effective

Number one is not always beneficial. In the case of Pay Per Click campaigns being number one can cost you large money whenever people clicks on your ads but you are not making sales as per the response rate. This is because, by shown up the very first in the list can increase your traffic, and hence you are paying for each click. However, this does not ensure every customer is making the purchase. So, continue testing is imperative along with staying lower on the ad list.

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