10 Social Media Marketing Tips from Pros

10 Social Media Marketing Tips from Pros

Are you interested in improving your social media marketing? Do you use the latest tips and tools for your social media marketing? If not, do not worry. We have some great tips to help you in your social media marketing expedition.

Grow Your Audience by Mining Twitter

To succeed on today’s internet, an engaging and igniting content must be created. For a new blogger, developing an audience is more important than creating content. There are three easy tactics to build your audience.

Once you are on Twitter, people will place you on the public Twitter list. Find and follow a relevant person and enter his/her records. You can find a group of interesting people whom you can follow and who can follow you back.

There are several apps that help you find new followers. Twellow is one such place to find targeted followers. You can search for and follow targeted users for every industry, category or interest.

The users can also use specific Twitter search prompts. One of the powerful market research tool if you learn a few specialized prompts.

These tactics can help you expand your prospects looking for your services or products.

Analyse the Old Content to Improve the New Content

Like most businesses, you should analyze the effectiveness of your social media content after publishing it. Several tools help you to analyze the data for your content before you post.

BuzzSumo is one such tool that helps you leverage the data of the old successful content regarding social sharing. Enter the keyword of your content and see the top-performing content. You can also curate the content by social networks and also filter the content by type.

Links to Optimize Visual Content

Visual content can represent your valuable content. When you plan to show visual content on social platforms, think of a way so that your products, websites, and services can get traffic. For example, you can include a link to a short video back to your web page from your Instagram profile link or YouTube account.

Use Images to Maximize Twitter Real Estate

Millions of tweets are tweeted every day on twitter. Among so much of crowd, creating the best possible tweet has never been the primary target. Getting the content noticed is very critical and visual materials help a lot in gaining attraction. Adding four images or one image per tweet is your choice. Use twitter regularly to add multiple images.

SwitchUpContent Formats

You can convert your content into new formats to gain more attraction and mark your presence on various social networking sites. The material can be switched to video or images or gif or any other format. Images allow you to ultimately use the power of social networks such as Instagram and Pinterest. You could also come all the similar articles into an eBook.

Plan for Every Social Media Channel

Almost every organization focuses on creating content for social media channels. Whereas, a social media channel plan is equally important. The goals differ from one platform to another, and so the developed content should change from one platform to another. The components of the channel plan should include

  • The channel
  • The persona
  • The goal
  • Primary content type
  • Structure
  • Channel integration
  • Desired action
  • Editorial plan

Once you lay down a social media plan correctly, you will be realistic with your resource and see the results immediately.

Consistent Content Delivery

A constant presence on the social media is the right way to grow your followers and engagement. The very first step involved is putting the right system into place and keeping your post valuable, relevant, and interesting. You should also keep track of your content so that you do not repeat. Edgar is one such tool that allows you to create your content categories so that you can maintain the record of the type of post you are releasing. You can also schedule your posts so that the posts are uploaded automatically.

Host Private Hangouts on Air Events

Social media success can be related to conversing with the right people. You can build a useful list on Google+ in many ways. Along with the regular G+ Hangout on Air, you also use the private community to host a private and dedicated conversation with the right people. Selling is very personal and so a face-to-face time with the community adds a lot of value.

Strategic Use of Hashtags

Random use of hashtags must be avoided in case you want to be successful with your social media plan. Strategically using proper hashtags is the right way to make your campaign successful. Use hashtags that are not complicated and are easy to use and spell. Make sure your hashtag is not used for something else by checking all the channels before using it.

Test Your Brand on Pinterest

Most people believe that, for organizations that have something visual to show, Pinterest can offer the best platform. However, it not true. Every team can use Pinterest, but it is important to test if the Pinterest platform is suitable for them.

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