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Who is More Powerful on the Programming Battlefield: Python or PHP?

Who is More Powerful on the Programming Battlefield Python or PHP

There is a constant battle between developers over the topic: superiority of programming languages. Some prefer using Python while others favor the use of PHP. They don’t understand the mere fact that both these languages are equally crucial for web development. Instead, they quarrel to prove themselves right. So to help programmers come on negotiable terms, we have classified the functionalities of Python and PHP. This categorization explains that both these programming languages have their own importance and there isn’t a point of comparison. Hopefully, the reasons given below will settle this battle.

Power of Python

Python is an open source language, which was developed by Guido van Rossum in 1989 as a replacement to ABC language. It became famous in 2000 after the release of Python 2.0, which had complete Unicode support. Furthermore, its had aspect-oriented approach, which separated the program functionality and split the program into separate modules made the language versatile. Under this approach, the developer creates discrete functional modules, which are later connected by the various if then else conditions. Moreover, Python use simple English like commands which makes its syntax easy to understand and learn. Also, Python is one of the most secure programming languages, which makes it suitable to code the most delicate software modules. Besides, python blends efficiently with third-party modules to embed exciting features into the program. This is the reason that tech giants like Google and YouTube heavily relies on Python for their day-to-day activities. Overall, python is a secure programming language which is simple and straightforward.

Prudence of PHP

PHP is younger to Python as it was first developed in 1994 by Rasmus Lerdorf to extend the capabilities of C language to facilitate the management of this website. Later, he extended the functionalities of PHP and launched it as an independent programming language in 1995. It was developed as a server-side backend tool which helped in the creation of dynamic web applications. The syntax of PHP resembles that of C/C++, which use several symbols, such as curly braces and dollar sign making it a bit complicated to implement. However, for programmers who are well acquainted with C, C++, and JAVA, PHP seems easy and straightforward. It supports multiple servers like Apache, Microsoft IIS, Netscape and others making it versatile. Nevertheless, PHP requires specific security tools to ensure the safety of the code. All in all, it is a useful programming language, which supports the development of dynamic websites.

Concluding the Battle

Both Python and PHP are relevant to developers as both these languages have their own unique features which makes them distinguishable from one another. Neither of the languages is superior to other. Each of them has a different usage. For instance, PHP is ideal for web development; however, Python is an excellent help in full stack development (know more on how to hire a great python developer). Thus, it would be wrong to battle over such an irrelevant subject. Instead, it is better to make the optimum utilization of these two tools for achieving the business objectives.

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